Acknowledgement of Country

My Acknowledgement of Country


I acknowledge
That I live on the sacred land of the Wadawurrung.

I acknowledge that I am an occupier.

I acknowledge that although I was born here,
I come from a history of occupiers
Who have yet to reconcile
with the people or the land they have occupied.

I acknowledge
that my ancestors
with ignorance, insensitivity
and brutality,
illegally occupied the land
of the Wurrundjerri, the Wongaibon and the Yaitmatang peoples

I acknowledge
that I grew up
treading on the sacred land
of the Kulin nation,
without knowledge or awareness,
blind to my cultures damage
to the First Nations people.

I acknowledge
That in my adult years
I have arrogantly thought
I knew better,
blind to my white privilege
spoke over my black brothers and sisters.

I acknowledge
that my success
is built on the struggle
of dispossessed others.

I acknowledge
that as yet, my culture continues
to deny this fact
and remains blind
to the effects of colonisation
and intergenerational trauma
on Aboriginal people
to this day.

‚ÄčI acknowledge
that the pain, grief and loss
of land and language
that my culture is responsible for
is reflected in our countries

I acknowledge
and take responsibility
for my peoples ignorance,
racism and cruelty.

On behalf of myself and my ancestors,
I offer my heartfelt apology.

I commit
to being open and humble
and always respecting the knowledge and wisdom
of the first peoples of this land.

I stand for a future of shared mutual respect and partnership
with Indigenous peoples of this country and the world.

~ Megan Evans


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