New On Wednesday – NOW


Showcasing the new and recent work of Women Artists, New on Wednesday is NOW. Current, contemporary art by women.

Submissions are by the artists and in the artist’s own words. an opportunity to share what is inspiring and stimulating the creative processes right NOW.

Art World Women accepts submissions directly fomr the artist for NOW, New On Wednesday.

Send 1-3 images as JPEG files no larger than 1MB each and less than 900 x 900px.

As this section is “New Work” themed, images or video of artworks produced within the recent 12 moths. Ensure images files are named and titled. Provide a list of image credits in teh following format:

First name Surname, Title, Year, medium, dimensions (or duration)

Submit a piece of writing relevant to the work (100 – 700 words max)

Email artworldwomen [at] gmail dot com



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